Leveraging New Platforms

Marketers are always searching for the next big thing. Part of our role as an agency is to help clients evaluate and choose the best platforms to meet their overall business goals.

That’s why POSSIBLE has an entire practice focused on understanding and leveraging new platforms – with a particularly strong emphasis on LinkedIn and Amazon. Our partnerships with these established and emerging platforms give POSSIBLE unique insight into how to best realize returns on business objectives.
LinkedIn has more than 260M members worldwide. Their precise data gives brands a unique opportunity to hyper-target influencers with individualized content – making it easy to build product awareness, increase lead generation, and build communities.
POSSIBLE’s LinkedIn practice takes advantage of these unique strengths. We are experts in optimizing a brand’s presence on LinkedIn, as well as extending LinkedIn opportunities beyond the platform itself. Our teams can develop custom applications and integrate LinkedIn with a brand’s existing online properties to create distinctive content and community experiences.

Our goal is always to foster deeper insight, relevance and engagement tailored to our client’s objectives as well as the audiences they aim to nurture and embrace.
The path to purchase is no longer linear. Amazon now influences over 50% of ecommerce transactions in the U.S. alone. It directly accounts for over 13%. These numbers are impressive, but brands still have a fragmented understanding of the platform’s influence, impact, and opportunity – not just across the web, but in retail environments. To capitalize on the incremental opportunity of Amazon, brands must understand how to approach online and offline merchandizing in parallel with media planning.
Our Amazon practice helps brands do just that. The offering includes strategy, research, digital shelf data management, paid media optimization, and integrated technology platforms.

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