About POSSIBLE Commerce

The POSSIBLE Commerce practice helps clients succeed on Amazon, Tmall, and other commerce platforms, uniting brand building with sales performance. The practice offers a full suite of services and leverages POSSIBLE’s deep experience with data and technology to improve efficiency and performance.

In 2017 POSSIBLE bolstered its capabilities with the acquisition of leading Amazon-focused ecommerce consultancy Marketplace Ignition, creating a first-of-its-kind total solution for brands looking to maximize the potential of ecommerce channels.

Led by Frank Kochenash, global SVP of commerce, and Eric Heller, CEO and founder of Marketplace Ignition, our expert teams bring the power of POSSIBLE Commerce to our clients.

POSSIBLE Commerce is your one stop shop for Amazon

Amazon is the most important disrupter of retail today. Major brands need partners who are expert, experienced, and accountable for results. 

POSSIBLE Commerce recognizes that for ecommerce channels, every product is a business. Our unique, holistic approach—operational marketingis the science of leveraging product data and channel expertise to optimize brand performance. POSSIBLE Commerce has worked with more than 450 brands representing more than two million SKUs and $3 billion in annual retail sales.

We have helped brands with everything from defining over-arching strategic plans and building effective internal teams, to supply chain and operations planning, content optimization, and Alexa skills development. We apply technology and data to achieve quantifiable performance improvements. 

We have experience delivering the full suite of Amazon-focused services including:

eCommerce Strategy Development Campaign Reporting Analytics and Management
Multi-Channel Supply Planning and Operations Consulting New Product and Brand Launch Services
Assortment Strategy and Planning Alexa Skills Development
Content Creation and Optimization Promotional Program Planning
Digital Shelf Monitoring and Management Comprehensive Channel Strategy (Wholesale, Retail, Hybrid)
SEO and SEM On Amazon (AMS) Customer Feedback Utilization
Media Planning and Management (AMG, AAP) Organizational Analysis and Planning
PIM Recommendation and Setup Channel Launch Management

Why Amazon?

eCommerce is the most dynamic channel in retail. In 2016, ecommerce sales grew at more than five times the rate of overall retail sales but still represent less than eight and half percent of total retail sales. Amazon continues to dominate the ecommerce landscape, representing more than 42 percent of those dollars; they are unique, disruptive, and will only continue to innovate.

Not only is Amazon the largest online retailer, it is the largest research point for all shopping. 

We know the entire Amazon ecosystem

From Amazon.com, to Prime to Fresh to International, POSSIBLE is a trusted partner with one of the largest concentrations of Amazon expertise and experience outside of Amazon itself. Past and current partnerships with Amazon include:

  • Amazon Trusted Creative Partner
  • Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) Self-Service Pilot Partner
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner
  • Amazon Advertising Beta API Partner
  • Alexa Skills Development Agency

This is only the beginning

eCommerce is creating an environment of incredible dynamism for brands, manufacturers, and retailers. The pace of change is incredible, the opportunities enormous. But, to quote Jeff Bezos, “it is still day one.” Through a combination of unparalleled experience and proven client success, the POSSIBLE Commerce team keeps clients evolving and adapting. We are excited to see what the future holds.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.   

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