POSSIBLE's 2015 Internship Program

Get Your Own Coffee: Interning at POSSIBLE

A POSSIBLE internship is not your typical coffee-grabbing, copy-making gig. POSSIBLE interns do work. And they like it that way.

But don’t take our word for it – here’s what our interns Holly Geffs (NYC) and Christian Jaekle (Cincinnati) have to say about what they learned and loved this summer:

What’s the work like?

Holly: “We really, truly, loved our job. How many intern teams can say that? We were each placed into the division where we could shine best. The work we each did was different, but to us as individuals, it became our world. 

We never imagined that the work we did could be directly given to clients. And it wasn’t. That would be insane. But after small tweaks from the older and wiser, our work was often delivered looking somewhat similar to its original form. And that felt amazing.”

Christian: “Coming into POSSIBLE as a copy intern was beyond intimidating…could I write for some of the biggest brands in the world? The answer is YES.

The best advice I can give to a fellow intern is to learn through osmosis and to be a hand raiser. Just by being present, asking tons of questions, and learning by doing you’ll be surprised what you can pick up.”

Any thoughts on culture?

Holly: “In meetings and brainstorms and run-ins by the candy jar, we were always made to feel like our ideas were valued. At POSSIBLE NY, everyone’s ideas matter. Everyone is listened to. We learned very quickly that great ideas can come from unexpected places and influences.”

Christian: “Buy a Nerf Gun. Don’t be caught empty handed when Community Manager Charlie or Nate from Finance shoots you in the back of the head with a dart. There are few things we respect more than getting shot in the butt while running away from you at a high speed at 5:01 on a Friday.”

Favorite perks?

Holly: “The best thing at POSSIBLE NY, by far, is the dogs…we realized that there is nothing nicer when we’re stressed out for a presentation than just taking a moment to cuddle with Apollo.”

Christian: “Ever since I was told in my interview that we have free breakfast every morning I now spring out of bed like a PopTart. It’s really the little things that make you feel appreciated.”

Last words?

Holly: “These last few months were AWESOME. We learned, we achieved, we made mistakes, we tried again, we danced around the empty office, we laughed, only one of us cried, and we truly became a team.” 

Christian: “Interning at POSSIBLE has been one of my favorite life experiences to date.” 

Thanks for being awesome this summer, POSSIBLE interns.


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