Black Velvet – If You Please

We believe in our people. We celebrate people who go above and beyond and standout every month. But last Spring, our Seattle office took it even further and honored these Heroes with the greatest tribute known to man – they were immortalized in black velvet. Silky smooth as Alannah Myles’ voice (Google her, kids, it ties back here). Rich and dark, like a Carvaggio painting. They scoured the far ends of the earth for just the right artist to create these masterpieces, and then they found them, in some back alleys of Tijuana, doing unmentionable acts to get these made.

But they did it and now we honor these heroes. So check back as they build out the library of heroes, and add new ones that pave our road to greatness. The black velvet kind of greatness. Black velvet – if you please.

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