Celebrating & Creating Culture

We do our best work when we build trust and relationships with each other and with our clients.  I’ve spent the last 14 years of my career building culture within our organization. How do we do it? It’s our people, and the environment we build together. We care. We work hard. We play hard.  

There are 7 fundamentals that I believe create and nurture a culture like ours.

Define what you stand for and what you’ll strive to be, and then lead by example. Don’t just post your values on a site. Live them, and hold each other accountable.

Do what you love every day and believe in what you do. Passion is found only from within.

Share experiences that connect and inspire each other, and influence the work. Pull not just from the work you do for clients, but from daily life— let diversity and perspective bring you together.

Find ways to ask “What if?” and consistently teach each other.

Encourage people to establish, lead, and grow crafts, best practices, offerings, and culture to help increase the quality and growth of the organization.

Speak up. Step up. Make it happen. You get what you give, so fix what’s not working. Use your skills and passion to take ownership of the opportunity in front of you. 

Applaud and evangelize the great efforts of those around you. Celebrate success frequently.

In our business, talent is everything.  Our own focus on culture has been paramount in creating an atmosphere where people look forward to coming to work. But these fundamentals are not about checking boxes, like having dogs in the office or giving people free coffee. They are about building an overall attitude that encourages growth.

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