When Your Dog Does Her Business at Shane's desk; or How I Met the CEO

How I Met the CEO

Yeah, you read that right.

The same day I found out I was going from an intern to a full-time employee at POSSIBLE Seattle, my eleven-year-old Boston Terrier thought it would be a great idea to take care of her business in our place of business. Actually, right next to our global CEO’s desk.

Before long, Martha Hiefield—our global chief talent officer—approached my desk laughing hysterically as she outlined the events that had just occurred.

  1. Shane stepped in my dog’s poop.
  2. Shane didn’t realize it, so he tracked my dog’s poop into his personal executive conference room.
  3. Still not realizing, he proceeded to cross his legs and slap his hand down on his shoe.
  4. That’s when he realized he had stepped in it. You know. Because it was on his hands now. And on his new furniture too.

Martha continued to tell me, between her tears of laughter, how he hopped down to the bathroom and proceeded to dunk his shoe into the toilet.

By the time Martha had finished telling me what had happened, I was shaking and dripping sweat in preparation for being fired from the awesome job I’d just landed. Because of course she suggested that we go talk with Shane.

As Martha and I walked over to Shane’s desk (in my case to meet him for the first time), I was coaching myself through this. I was thinking, “Okay Lauren, don’t cry. Stop sweating. Seriously just laugh it off. No don’t do that. Just laugh but not too much. OMG, there he is. Shit. Stop thinking about shit. SHIT.”

We finally got to Shane. Instinctively, I stuck out my hand and said, “Wow, Shane. I’m Lauren, it’s so great to meet you. I’m so sorry this happened, please let me know how I can make this horrible situation better."

He goes.

“Lauren! So nice to meet you. Sucks it’s your last day.” And he starts laughing, as did the rest of my new colleagues standing within earshot. Then he says, “No, I’m totally kidding. I made the decision to let dogs in the office, I’m just shocked it took 16 years for this to happen.”

Instead of being fired, the global CEO of POSSIBLE laughed it off. In the most bizarre way, I feel pretty lucky because I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Shane, and now it’s a running joke that we'll be laughing at for years to come.

So, there you go - that’s how I met Shane. It was the day I realized I work for the best agency out there, and the day I decided nobody would ever see my dog in the office again.

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