If They Don’t, We Do

Brazil will be the home of the 2014 World Cup, welcoming people from every nation to one of the world’s most visible sporting events. But our house is leaking and in need of repairs: we have no universal aid for those in need, many places have no air conditioning, and it can be hard to find people who speak more than Portuguese.

Since we know our country will be hosting the World Cup, we Brazilians have come up with a saying: "...just imagine during the World Cup." If it's bad now, imagine how it will be when it’s crowded with thousands of visitors, lit up by the world spotlight. Extending this idea, a group of young people created the project "Imagine During the World Cup", where people from across the country take action to make our country a better place—not only for our guests, but mainly for the Brazilian citizens.

Imagina Na Copa info graphic

It is a perspective that is increasingly common in Brazil, since our government is not responsive. A generation grew up believing that Brazil is the country of the future, and now they’re forced to do what the government will not. This is the anxious generation, which has no patience to wait for others to take actions necessary to make real change. The motto of this project is, "what if, instead of complaining, we organize to make it work?" And that's what they're doing. Every week until the event, a story of transformation is published on the site, totaling 75 stories before the World Cup. The idea is to engage people to help organize our house before we host the world. If they don't do, we do.

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