POSSIBLE Presents: INSPIRED BY Scilla Andreen

From Surviving to Thriving

We continued our 2016 “INSPIRED BY” series in May with Scilla Andreen, the CEO and co-founder of IndieFlix and the founder of the IndieFlix Foundation. Scilla is also an Emmy nominated costume designer and award-winning producer of such films as Outpatient, The Flats, Bit Players, The Empowerment Project, and the recently released Screenagers, a documentary about how much screen time is healthy. She is a popular speaker at Sundance, Cannes, CES, SXSW, Women in Film, and other major industry events. Frustrated by complicated and one-sided distribution deals, Scilla co-founded IndieFlix which has become one of the most meaningful global online streaming platforms in the industry. 

We invited Scilla to our office to hear about her creative journey in the film industry, how we address the challenge of discovering what we want to watch in the film industry, and how everything happens for a good reason in our lives.

Scilla inspired us to be resilient and brave when challenging "the norm" of any industry, "Hollywood thought I was just this annoying, young, female filmmaker that didn't seem to get how Hollywood worked because I wasn't being compliant and I wasn't conforming. They thought I had this crazy model because it's non-exclusive, it’s transparent, and it's free for the filmmaker. But IndieFlix has always stayed true to these principles." 

Scilla discussed how her company grew exponentially because she never gave up, "People used to say, 'She's crazy, don't give her the time of day.' So none of the big distributors would work with us. But one-by-one we grew our library with individual filmmakers from all over the world. And we've made mistakes, and we've fallen down, but we pick ourselves up and we're just honest with the filmmakers."

If you're interested in learning more about Scilla and her ground-breaking company, visit her website at indieflix.com

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