Changing the ratio isn’t as easy as hiring more women. It’s about mentorship, and fostering environments that encourage women to reach for the roles traditionally held by men. This means changing our attitudes toward things as tangible as maternity leave and working from home, and as systemic as how much women are paid, and how they are treated differently in the workplace.
All that said, we can’t know how big of a problem we have unless we invest the time to find out what our real numbers are. And we can tell you from experience, that’s easier said than done. We poured over data and through a rigorous process, determined that 15% of roles at or above creative director level at POSSIBLE were held by women. But that’s only for the Americas. While we crunch our global numbers you can get started figuring out your own. Here are some things we are doing right now to change our numbers:
Awareness: Make it known throughout your company that women can and do succeed at the highest level and that their voices are heard loud and clear.
Personal Accountability: We all know that this problem is bigger than ourselves, but it’s also something we can change from the inside out.
Recruiting: It’s not just about hiring more women, it’s about attracting the right types of people and fostering their success.
Equal Pay: It seems like a no-brainer, but women need to be paid the same as men for the same position.
Check out these 50 Things you can do now from the 3% conference website.


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