POSSIBLE Loves Millennials

While the media may talk about the challenges of hiring Generation Y, POSSIBLE is looking towards them to push the boundaries and bring another dimension to our agency.

Over the last couple of years we’ve hired over 100 Millennials and admire how quickly they learn, adapt to change and we love that they question the norm – sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can make great impact. With technology experience that is second nature they seamlessly multi task, share knowledge, collaborate and stay informed so are very productive. They are smart, passionate, keen to learn and genuinely care about their peers and work.

By 2025, they’ll represent 75% of the workforce so there’s no doubt that in order for businesses to survive they will need to change how they operate and start embracing this generation. Over the next few years, businesses will need to invest wisely when it comes to developing the next tier of leadership and focus on retention. Not doing so will mean you’ll never reap the rewards of fresh thinking, an innate sense of social purpose and curiosity that Millennials embody. To increase retention, I recommend developing a formal leadership program that has clear goals and timelines.

At POSSIBLE, our culture, environment and benefits have been created to attract the best people and promote happiness. Many of the factors that Gen Y take into consideration when choosing an employer, such as a flexible working environment, we’ve had in place for years so it’s more probable that the new kids on the block will feel right at home. These benefits and type of environment is a change from what motivated Gen X employees, who are known to prefer a structured environment.

Why we hire Millennials:
1. They are bold – being fearless and transparent, they like to focus on making things better.
2. They are interested – being curious and focused on learning, they will challenge the status quo. Providing career progression is essential in order to retain.
3. They are relentless – diligent and focused on achieving, they will go the extra mile to deliver.
4. They are together – having collaborated since a young age and being so open across social networks, sharing is second nature. Seeing the bigger picture they want to make a difference/ impact to those less fortunate.

Why Millennials join POSSIBLE:
1. Fusion of work/life –Millennials like to feel integrated into a community, make their friends at work, socialize together so the more you provide for them at work the more engaged and productive they will be. Our culture is all about integration and providing natural socialization opportunities. We offer free drinks, eats, bar, sports clubs.
2. Flexibility – Millennials like to work at their own pace and to know that you trust them to deliver work on time whether or not they’ve worked a traditional 9-5 day. POSSIBLE operates based on this trust and we’ve seen that it’s enabled better productivity and more employee satisfaction.
3. Career progression – It’s imperative to Millennials that they have a clear career plan in place that allows them to develop their craft but also gain experience in different functions/locations. They are very mobile and are motivated by international assignments and we have multiple programs in place to facilitate and reward career progression and international relocation
4. Make a difference – Millennials want to positively impact the wider world and aspire to work for futuristic employers and being socially responsible is very important to them. We have a wide range of clients and work that is focused on making a positive impact on society. We work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Coca-Cola Company on their social responsibility efforts.

Whether you are ready or not, Millennials will dominate your workforce so how you attract, develop, and retain them will dictate the future of your business.


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