Are you Naughty or Nice?

Legend has it that Santa’s infamous list is made only with the power of magic. The truth? It’s not magic, it’s data.
For this holiday season, POSSIBLE created a microsite that, using a custom algorithm, determines an individual’s level of naughtiness or niceness. The microsite itself uses an algorithm designed for sentiment analysis, which has been customized to read Facebook posts and determine your stats.

But the data crunching happens in the Elf’s toyshop at the North Pole-back end. Anyone who comes to the site gets Santa himself and, with a single click, their own evaluation. Users receive a personalized score, but also relative comparisons to people like them on Facebook, and a comparison to a range of celebrities. 

Results are shareable on social media and the site will be live from mid-December through the Holiday Season at

For some further holiday fun, check out Santa’s sweet moves in our BeyonSleigh exclusive video.

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