Sao Paulo’s Municipal Market

If you love food and saving money, this is heaven on earth for you.

Sao Paulo’s Municipal Market was designed in 1933 by Ramos de Azevedo and has interesting walls decorated with arches, moldings and the face of the goddess Ceres - the protector of farmers, grain and brewers. The architecture blends Greek columns with Roman Ionic style for an eclectic effect. Glass tiles, skylights, and stained glass panels made by Russian artist Conrado Sorgenicht Son give the place an almost perfect natural lighting. A variety of colors, smells and flavors create a unique atmosphere in its 12,600 square meters.

Try to arrive early (around 7:00) to taste every variety of the available fruits, seeds, cheeses, meats, fish and spices. People selling the foods will be pleased to give you samples. Visit the cod gallery and try the famous pata negra ham and handmade sausages. Check out the Iranian pistachios, peas with wasabi and olives from all around the world. And everyone who lives in Sao Paulo knows the mortadella sandwich, the pastel, and the cod balls are mandatory—true institutions of the Municipal Market.

Finally, the Emporium Chiappetta may be an option for those seeking unusual and exotic flavors. The harmonization of dried fruit with ice cream, coffees and even with cachaça is one of the most unique features of the place and will make your gourmet ride just perfect.

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