• Starting the new year

Starting the new year

Happy New Year everyone!

We have a surprise for you! After all the Christmas goodies and New Year’s parties it’s time to get back to work. Hope you’re just as excited for 2015 as we are, because we have some crazy good stuff coming this year!

First things first there has been a name change, as our friends at CarnationGroup adopted the POSSIBLE name as well. We still work together a lot, which is a great opportunity to learn and get expertise outside of game development, while they can get an inside view to our twisted developer minds. Fair deal, isn’t it?

Back in 2014 our majestic crew started to work on several projects. We are not quite ready to reveal them yet, they are still in alpha stages, but the amount of work we’re putting in them ensures that this will change sooner than you think. All we can say, without any form of coherency, that we have space stations, magnetic fossilizers (whatever that is), cute characters, awesome sounds, pretty visuals and even a cassette player. We hope that when the time comes, everybody will like them as much as we do now!

We’re not really into New Year’s resolutions, because no matter how many people swears to start working out, the gyms are usually empty in February. Still, if we would have to make one, it would be to work even harder on our games in the future!

Oh, almost forgot… the surprise! Here is a splash art from one of the games we’re working on. Have an awesome year everybody!

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