• Horlicks NutriQuest

Horlicks NutriQuest

Horlicks is a trusted and loved brand in Asia Pacific, based upon scientific delivery of functional benefits to children 6-16 years for decades. Our challenge was to amplify the nutritious proposition of Horlicks and claim as a leading force in the science of food that children want to grow Tall, Strong and Sharp and explain the benefits of the nutrients that Horlicks contains to kids and parents.
POSSIBLE Games created the NutriQuest mobile game for iOS and Android that will serve as a tool for children to gain a deeper experience with Horlicks in engaging and interacive manner in 8 different worlds and 35+ unique gameplay levels. Each world and level has villains to defeat, information to learn about nutrients and understand how Horlicks helps to grow Taller, Stronger and Sharper. The unique NutriCoin codes to be found in Horlicks packs links physical with digital: hidden levels and characters can be unlocked while also driving product purchase. Initially, 3.5M Horlicks packs will be produced with the game on it and coupons in the pack.
The game has been launched in Pakistan at first, then a few month later in Malaysia. A localized version of the game will be launched in India as well. However it is available globally in English.

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