• My Little Tesco Manager Games

My Little Tesco Manager Games

My Little Tesco gives players a unique opportunity to connect with the Tesco brand through virtual shopping centers, giving them exclusive insight into the operations of Tesco. With the opportunity to maintain their own Tescos, players participate in the buying process all the way through filling up the shelves and decorating the store. Players can use the same decorations in-game that are used in real Tescos and benefit from the same discounts.

POSSIBLE Games designed and developed My Little Tesco to fit into people’s daily routine by giving players short missions, multiple times a day.

Within two years we have registered an impressive 29 million sessions on the small Hungarian market of 3.6 million smart devices. Come join the fun!

After the success of My Little Tesco on the Hungarian market, we launched its localized version in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

Hungarian version:

iOS Android Windows

Slovakian version:

iOS Android Windows

Czech version:

iOS Android Windows

Polish version:

iOS Android Windows

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