Our team at POSSIBLE Games is a group of game addicts whose quality test is simple: we only make games we would love to play. Being involved with the world of games is a job requirement here and hands-on research is part of our office culture. We develop mostly for mobile devices, but we are not afraid to use the most innovative technologies like Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, GearVR or smart watches.

Our endless runner, The End Run was featured in all major virtual stores, topped charts for weeks, and consistently rated five stars by users. The Die hard game, created in cooperation with 20th Century Fox, engages players three times longer than the industry average. The My little Tesco game is extremely popular and performs way better than the similar games. While Horlicks NutriQuest has been winning the hearts of the children and young adults inSouth Asia, Adventures of Poco Eco has conquered the land of awards, collecting over 30 prizes from all around the world, even the prestigious Cannes Lion. Our newest one, Tap Company landed in the stores not so long ago, but it has already inspired an other mobile game: the students of Hungary’s first gamedev university course are currently working on their exam project that is based on it. We also developed apps for Google Tango, Google Cardboard, and even tried ourselves in the virtual reality of Oculus Rift and GearVR.

POSSIBLE Games was launched under the leadership of Laszlo Kesmarki as Goroid and later became part of the POSSIBLE family and grew out to be an outrageously successful game developer studio. Our games entertain more than 15 million players worldwide.

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