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VR Adventures

We love to experiment. We were lucky enough to help POSSIBLE CEE develop some VR applications both for Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift.

The great thing about Cardboard technology that it is easy for use for anyone, and does not require equipment, worth hundreds of dollars. To use it, you only need a cheap cardboard extension to a decent mobile device (Samsung S5 for example). It provides a great experience, and can be used as presentation or marketing tool. Despite the limited options for controls, the Google Cardboard can also be used as a 3D(ish) gaming platform.

But Oculus Rift… That is a hardcore gamer hardware, and we loved it. It is easy to learn and feels natural to use for anyone, but not everyone has a power PC to enjoy it. When we used the expression “3D(ish)” before we only meant it relatively. The Oculus is THE TRUE 3D experience. Forget what you may have seen in the cinema, or may have experienced if you have met the Google Cardboard technology. It is absolutely stunning, and cannot be compared to anything.

We believe it is the future’s gaming and maybe, advertising platform.  The uses of the VR technology are extremely versatile. We made concert animation (using the Oculus as a help for the VJ) and several cardboard presentations. What’s more, some of our developers have visited the Oculus HQ in the U.S.A., and learned the great deal about the not-even-available technologies that will arrive in the near future.

We are constantly looking for innovative uses of these pioneer technologies, and in proper hands, they can make miracles come true.

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