• Tap Company

Tap Company

Do you want to be a successful day trader, living the easy life, only tapping for moneyz? I bet you do!

  • A quirky and fun little tapper game with a big story
  • Make money to build your own casino, the more you make, the taller it gets
  • Immersive tale with an unexpected twist
  • Build your own company and rise to the top
  • Hire the best employees from Gandhi to a suit clad albino gorilla
  • Play in your own secret gambling hideout
Lead this small startup company and they will grow so quickly that they eventually decide to build the biggest (barely) legal casino in the world, using the experience from their shady business employed as a cash-multiplier in the basement.
The only disturbing detail is a strange, otherworldly light in the sky that becomes more and more menacing over time. What could it be?
Can this company change the fate of the Earth (quickly enough)? Will they proceed with building the casino or start to construct something more surprising? Who knows?

Tap Company is available on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store, download it now!

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