POSSIBLE Mobile is officially listed as an Alexa Agency

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What is Alexa?

Alexa is Amazon’s voice service that can be built into home assistant devices like Amazon’s Echo. Users can ask Alexa to complete a multitude of different tasks just by speaking to their device.

“Alexa, set an alarm clock for 6 o’clock AM.”

“Alexa, play Fluffhead by Phish.”

“Alexa, ask Uber to request a ride.”

The Alexa Skills Kit is composed of a number of APIs and tools that make adding skills to your Alexa device easy and timely. In order to request an Uber, users first enable the Uber skill onto their device. Users can then say the wake word, “Alexa,” to receive their devices attention, “ask Uber,” in order to identify the skill they need, “to request a ride,” to call for a specific command. Alexa is disrupting the traditional way we communicate with technology by offering an innovative yet natural user interface.

Alexa Integration

At POSSIBLE Mobile, we have a team dedicated to VUI (voice user interface) design and development for Alexa Voice Services. Our team will ensure that your Alexa skill remains on brand while providing users with a holistic and seamless experience. We believe voice should be conversational, natural, simple, and habitual. We write Alexa skills in Javascript due to our developers’ complete understanding of this language. Based on our previous experience integrating Alexa skills into native apps, we’re considered an early adopter when it comes to Alexa, and are listed as an official Alexa Agency. We even have quite a few in the office.

The VUI approach we take to delivering Alexa skills is conversational because we truly believe the voice experience should simulate talking to someone nearby and that the exchanges should feel natural. Our team of technical strategists believe in creating something simple that works, and then building upon it later. But most importantly, when we think of Alexa skills, we think of habitual actions that may exist in the user’s everyday life, like setting an alarm clock. During discovery, we conduct internal and external meetings to identify a VUI strategy that will appeal most to users and receive the highest amount of engagement.

Our team is committed to making sure your Alexa skill ships successfully to the store. Once Amazon reviews and approves the skill, it will launch in the Alexa app store where skills can be enabled on a user’s device. Finally, we can help evaluate various KPIs to measure your skill’s performance.  

Let our team of technical masterminds keep your app ahead of the game with Alexa Voice Services. Visit the POSSIBLE Mobile site to learn more about our Alexa integration. We’d love to hear about the opportunity to work with you!

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