icenetwork iOS App

For the 2017 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships, POSSIBLE Mobile partnered with U.S. Figure Skating to enhance the event experience. Leveraging their expertise in the sports app category, POSSIBLE Mobile created an iOS app to complement the championship and provide users with informative skating content from icenetwork.

Previously only available using radio hardware, POSSIBLE Mobile created a streaming feature on the icenetwork app that enables fans everywhere to tune in to Skate Radio, where skating experts provide insight into the scoring of the sport and how each element in a skater’s performance is being scored. All of this in real-time, directly from the fan’s mobile device. Fans can also set alerts for upcoming Skate Radio broadcasts, a perk that was previously reserved only for those attending the U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

In addition to the Skate Radio feature, the app provides users with push notification options, news articles, a schedule of upcoming TV events, competition results, and with help from Fabric, a curated Twitter feed.

The icenetwork app was delivered in just five weeks, thanks to the flexibility of U.S. Figure Skating and POSSIBLE Mobile’s agile team. New releases and updates to the app are expected throughout the coming months, so stay tuned for future improvements.

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