3 Cheers Award

Martha Hiefield and Anthony Reeves Recipients of 3 Cheers Award at The 3% Conference

Each year at the 3 Percent Conference, one man and one woman receive the 3 Cheers Award for going above and beyond to foster more female creative leadership in the ad industry.

Congratulations to this year's award winners, our own Martha Hiefield, President of POSSIBLE Seattle, and Anthony Reeves of Moxie.

After attending and sponsoring the 3% Conference in 2013, Martha was inspired and committed to moving the 3% needle through awareness, and through the hiring and inspiring of women in the creative field. She continued her participation in this year's 3% Conference with another POSSIBLE sponsorship and the breakout session “What’s Your Number?”, which she co-facilitated with Tonya Peck, POSSIBLE's Chief Talent Officer.

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