Kelsie and Kelsey Named Two of Business Insider's 30 Under 30

Rising Stars

A huge congratulations goes out to Kelsie Clegg, art director at POSSIBLE Seattle and Kelsey Wilkinssenior writer at Swift, for making the 2016 Business Insider 30 most creative people in advertising under 30 list! 

It can take many years for the young and talented to get recognized in the advertising industry. BI constructs their list based on agency and peer nominations, their own research into awards and campaigns, as well as current seniority and potential to flourish in the industry.

Please join us in congratulating these two rising stars!

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Kelsie Clegg, Age: 28
Art Director at POSSIBLE Seattle

Clegg has many talents. She is designing game play and artwork for her own board game; measuring 6-foot-5, she holds the Virginia Commonwealth University volleyball all-time blocking record; and, most relevantly, she was internally voted the most valuable player on Microsoft's Collective Project campaign. Without ad spend, it generated more than 75 million views and two billion impressions globally, winning gold and bronze Lions at Cannes. Most important, the campaign helped an organization that provides free bionic arms to children.

She has produced other great work for AT&T, St-Germain, and Coke. And in all of her free time, Kelsie curates the Instagram account Headless Talldom - "it's an obstacle-filled world out there."

Kelsey Wilkins, Age: 25
Senior Writer at Swift (a POSSIBLE agency)

Wilkins had a good year in 2015. The copywriter's passion for women's soccer put her in a crucial role in Google's Women's World Cup social campaign, creating the popular hashtag #MoreThanAMatch.

Kelsey also works on strategy and content for the Google Search app, Google Maps, Google Made With Code, and Google Kids. She has previously worked with Nike Running and Starbucks. Word has it that she's also working on a children's book. And she somehow also manages to find time to write a blog dedicated to burgers.

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