POSSIBLE Helps Allianz Launch First Pan-regional Brand Campaign in Asia

Singapore, May 16, 2014

As part of the One Thing That Matters campaign, POSSIBLE developed a Facebook application, mobile access and website for each of the participating countries - Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan - based on our partner agency Grey Düsseldorf’s ideation. The platforms allow users to upload their One Thing That Matters image and text, and view past submissions together with campaign information presented through a video by Forster Huntington.

Each website and Facebook application was developed in the country’s preferred language.  Ongoing localisation ensures each point of contact is relevant to the campaign's target audience.

 POSSIBLE is currently working with each market to develop targeted content calendars. This will ensure that Facebook applications and websites contain relevant content for each country’s 2014 product communication plans. Prior to the campaign, POSSIBLE advised the local markets about how to use each social media platform to their advantage in preparation for the campaign. This advice is based on a regional insurance website/mobile and social media research study carried out by POSSIBLE for Allianz at the end of 2013.

 In addition to the long term campaign, POSSIBLE developed an FC Barcelona campaign update for the One Thing That Matters Facebook applications and websites. Consumers are encouraged to win tickets to football matches by correctly guessing the One Thing That Matters to key FC Barcelona players over a 7 week period. This campaign launches in Columbia, Spain, Indonesia, Thailand, and the global One Thing That Matters to Me website at the end of May. 

Contacts for the Press in Asia Pacific region:

Claudia Mohr-Calliet, +65 6297 2724, claudia.mohr-calliet@allianz.com.sg

Patience Chan,      + 852 2238 8574,patience.chan@allianz.com.hk

Stephanie Myers
Engagement Director, Asia Pacific
Tel: +65 6212 0845
E-Mail: stephanie.myers@possible.com

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