We are pleased to announce that our WWF Campaign, created by Hungry Boys in Moscow, is a finalist in the One Show Interactive Awards. Congratulations to the team in Russia!

About the Campaign:
With over 148 million registered users and 33 million daily visitors, 404 Error Pages are a common and forgettable experience on Odnoklassniki (Russia’s second most popular social network).

Hungry Boys, part of POSSIBLE, gave the mistyped or broken links a new use when they created "Rare Page," a campaign that pairs photos of endangered species with “404 Not Found” messages. Each error page showcases a different animal from the IUCN Red List and includes a link to donate or learn more -- making a simple, but powerful connection.

From Creative Director, Vlad Sitnikov:

“We live in a world where interactive media environments can affect and influence a person’s will. If an idea is clear and transparent, it has power.”

The media placement came at no cost to the client and awareness of the campaign continues to build. An estimated 170,000+ users a day see the message, and there are now 27,000 participants in the Odnoklassniki WWF community.

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Visit WWF to see how you can help.

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