Cannes Lions Touchwall

At the 2009 Cannes Lions festival, attendees were met by an elegant 12’ by 5’ multi-user Touchwall that we designed and built in partnership with Emap and the festival organizers. Serving as the information and connection hub of the 2009 festival, the Touchwall allowed festival delegates to explore 3D maps of Cannes and an expandable map of the festival hall; send themselves emails about restaurants and bars in the surrounding area, and directions from the venue; search for other attendees by name, and then send an email request to exchange information–and if they were standing side by side, they could exchange contact details on the spot. Along the top of the screen there was a visualization of the entire week’s schedule; each event was expandable into a unique “event widget” and sharable via email. The Touchwall’s most striking element was its use of RFID technology. By embedding RFID tags in the delegates’ festival badges, the wall was able to identify users as they approached, and offer them a personalized and unique experience alongside other users.

During 2009′s seven-day festival the Touchwall identified more than 6,000 users–and garnered 23 million media impressions worldwide, via news articles, blog posts, and other mentions.

For the 2010 festival, we continued to expand the Touchwall’s utility, creating large-scale branded experiences with Nokia and Dell, showcasing how brands can use the Touchwall tech platform to connect with consumers in busy public environments.

But perhaps the most important outcome of the launch of our Touchwall is the set of lessons we learned about developing beautiful, powerful out of home solutions that we can now bring to bear for our clients. On the basis of the Cannes Touchwall’s success, POSSIBLE launched a touch division now providing solutions to Target, the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ford, and other clients around the world.

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