Changing the Status Quo of Education

Access to a good education is the greatest tool we have to help achieve equality of opportunity. Yet, over the last several decades, students in the U.S. haven’t graduated with the knowledge or skills they need to succeed.

To curb this trend, 47 states in the US are making a very major educational shift in 2014. They are adopting what is called the Common Core, a new set of standards for all students K-12, which requires new teaching methods and new materials. Into this mix, Pearson, the largest global education publisher, has created a completely new curriculum. The new teaching methods and materials are greatly advanced by being placed into an interactive environment where students can see videos, learn through games and interactive experiences as well as collaborate with students and teachers—a key change to the curriculum that digital textbooks will enhance.

Pearson, the world's leading learning company, asked us to help bring to life a new vision for the classroom – to help create a new experience for teachers and students. At its heart, the client brief was very simple: keep kids from being bored in the classroom. With that in mind, we designed an app that totally changes the way students learn. The app helps students collaborate, rely on each other, and share their work.

It uses two different interfaces so even students who can’t read or write still learn to sign in and find their lessons. It centralizes the student’s experience by merging the textbook with the notepad, adding multimedia, and changing the way students think about learning. 

In June of 2013, the Los Angeles Public School District announced an historic deal with Apple and Pearson to be the first school system to feature the POSSIBLE interface. Together LAUSD, Apple, Pearson and POSSIBLE have taken the first giant leap into the future of education.The app, now used across Los Angeles, is growing throughout the nation, and will change education worldwide.

You can watch a featured piece about our partnership and process here on Bloomberg TV.

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