Does it Work?

POSSIBLE is proud to announce the release of Does it Work?, an insightful book on the ideology that drives our successes as an agency. Co-written by our president of the Americas region, Jason Burby, and our global CEO, Shane Atchison, Does it Work? takes the reader through 10 principles for getting creative and business right. From company culture, to measuring what matters, and using data creatively, Does it Work? uses timely examples and light humor to help agencies and brands revitalize, and achieve better results.

"Does it work?" is a question we ask ourselves with every piece of work we make. By creating this book, Burby and Atchison have distilled POSSIBLE’s insights into succinct points of view that speak to the ever evolving world of digital and how to navigate its constantly changing landscape.

Belkin International CMO Kieran Hannon commented that Does it Work? is, “highly approachable, pithy, real and very engaging. The beauty of this book is that it’s about marketing today, not just being a better digital person. Does it Work? is also perfect for any level of experience with actionable insights for strategy development and executional excellence. That combination makes it an ideal reference book, a mainstay in your marketing arsenal.”
Released May 4th 2015 from McGraw Hill, Does it Work? is available digitally and in stores nation wide.

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