Inspired By: Lindy West

On Thursday, February 9, 2017, POSSIBLE welcomed Lindy West to our Seattle office for the inaugural Inspired By event series hosted by Kat Gordon, founder and CEO of The 3% Movement. This is a new partnership between The 3% Movement and POSSIBLE which will be held quarterly in 2017 at POSSIBLE’s U.S. offices.

The goal of the new Inspired By diversity salon series is to question the questioners.

Those who've bravely challenged the status quo have fascinating stories to share. In a fireside chat format, I sit in conversation with those blowing up industries like I've done in the world of advertising. It's a collaboration between rabble-rousers... with an audience. —Kat Gordon

Lindy West is a columnist at The Guardian, a contributor to This American Life, and a freelance writer whose work focuses on feminism, social justice, humor, and body image.  Lindy's writing has appeared in the New York TimesCosmopolitanGQVultureJezebelThe Stranger, and others. She is the founder of I Believe You, It's Not Your Fault, an advice blog for teens, as well as the reproductive rights de-stigmatization campaign, #ShoutYourAbortion. Her first book, a memoir called Shrill, is out from Hatchette Books.

Kat led the fireside chat with Lindy that touched on her journey, message, and what inspires her work. Their conversation touched on equality and diversity across advertising, politics, and the internet, offering up personal stories that inspired attendees to be and do better inside and outside of work. After their conversation, audience members lined up to speak with Lindy and have her autograph their copies of Shrill which they received at the event.

POSSIBLE broadcasted the chat on Facebook Live, engaging over 900 unique viewers in addition to the 100 in-person attendees of the sold-out event. 

The next Inspired By event is being planned for April at POSSIBLE New York. Stay tuned for details.



Artist Mission Statement

Together in a daily mess of creativity, discourse, and collaboration, we navigate the gears that have the potential to inform culture.
For us, silence is not an option.
We celebrate the uproar of those who rose above adversity to pave paths for us we otherwise would not have known.
For them, silence was not an option.
Tomorrow, when we are living the truths we are establishing today, we’ll know where passivity played its part. How you play yours, is up to you.
Silence is not an option
Be the uproar.

As a nod to Lindy West’s important and motivated work, Talia Green—POSSIBLE’s in-house cinematographer and photographer—led a small team in creating an interactive art piece aiming to resonate for the agency, the audience, and the context of their gathering.

The installation was comprised of an illuminated outline of a megaphone with sound waves. As the night progressed, the outline was filled in with post-it notes from event participants. Here, people wrote their personal affirmation, message, or motivation behind what they/we/society needs to be loud about. The illuminated sound waves were filled with messages like, women’s rights are human rights, reproductive justice, no wall no ban, and black lives matter.

For each post-it note, POSSIBLE committed a donation of $1 to the NOW Foundation, raising a total of $200. The NOW Foundation aligns with POSSIBLE’s values in that they relentlessly defend the rights and liberties of diverse women across the country, taking bold action and encouraging us all to stay interested and work together for the greater good.  

Artist/Creative Lead: Talia Green
Copywriter: Anna Kasabyan 
Designer: Taylor Nelson 
Producers: Chelsea Sweetin & Lauren Bay

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