Fighting Breast Cancer: It’s More Than Pink

All of our work makes a difference. Some of our work helps to save lives.

In October 2016, Susan G. Komen released two powerful public service announcements for breast cancer awareness as part of their new brand platform, marking a shift for the master brand that has defined the breast cancer movement for the past 35 years. The PSAs, produced by POSSIBLE, are airing nationally in the U.S. to tell stories that renew the sense of urgency around the cause.

This new brand platform reminds people that 40,000 women a year still die from breast cancer in the U.S. And that’s not okay.

That one in eight women will be diagnosed. And that’s not okay.

It’s not just a sea of pink anymore. It’s More Than Pink.  

By pushing past pink and refocusing the movement on action and urgency, rather than awareness, Susan G. Komen celebrates the heroes who go above and beyond to make change. And they invite those who have been sitting on the sidelines to join the cause.

“We have an opportunity for the Susan G. Komen Foundation to reinvigorate the breast cancer movement, redefining pink and what it means,” says Jason Burby, Americas president at POSSIBLE. “We couldn’t be prouder to see this work making a difference.”

While we hope you enjoy these two PSAs, what we really want is to inspire action. That’s the whole idea behind this movement. So visit Susan G. Komen's site to see how you can move the needle.

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