Krisztián Tóth Named as One of The Internationalist’s Agency Innovators of 2014

Since 2006, The Internationalist has named agency executives who have the rare ability to rethink current notions of brand building. By simplifying complex internal processes, encouraging collaboration and managing risk in a fast paced environment, they keep sight of the big idea, and are champions of multinational strategy. They understand how to better connect brands with their customers in relevant, contemporary ways, and are often the unsung heroes of making campaigns happen. Innovators underscore how breakthrough thinking knows no bounds of geography, age, company size, or title within today's agency organizations.

Some would say it’s hard to change the world from Budapest, Hungary. However, Krisztián would tell you: “It’s not impossible.” 

Krisztián is currently the CEO/CCO of CarnationGroup, which is part of POSSIBLE, a global creative agency that has a core mission of creating world class work that works. In this role he is constantly finding new ways to connect with changing consumers. He’s testing the boundaries between the digital and the physical, experimenting with product innovation based on thoughtful design, and exploring games as a new channel for marketing communication.  And in the process, he’s working on redefining the creative agency of the future, so that it is compatible with the requirements for the new millennium. Some of Krisztián’s recent work includes Totoya Creatures, a One Show award-winning mobile/tablet game for kids, Wootocracy, a new-age social platform about the future of loyalty, and SmartEgg, a labyrinth puzzle toy. Nothing’s impossible to Krisztián Tóth, who is also a Global Creative Council member of POSSIBLE, internationally recognized as a Cannes Mobile Jury member, and involved in the creative directions of POSSIBLE as a gobal creative agency.

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