POSSIBLE Labs Explores Gesture Driven Robotics

During a brainstorm about how to give kids super-powers, POSSIBLE 
Labs came up with the idea of creating a robot that could be controlled without any attachments or controls. The “Arms” prototype explores areas of gesture interactions, as well as the idea of extending digital experiences into the physical space. Creative Technologists, Mark Schauer and Jason Van Cleave built the system with OpenNI, openFrameworks, and the Microsoft Kinect.

POSSIBLE Labs is the manifestation of our internal R&D efforts lead by a cross–functional core team. Labs seeks to understand and educate our company and clients on new and innovative technologies in the digital space. We learn through building prototypes made with new and emerging technologies. Examples of exploration include image-based recognition, augmented reality, gestural interactions, Near Field Communications and more. POSSIBLE Labs also hosts technology innovations tours and workshops for agencies and clients.

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