LEARN with POSSIBLE: Tracking Digital Performance | Analytics & Optimization

LEARN with POSSIBLE is a series of free learning sessions on digital strategy and online marketing. We know that in the nonprofit world, people like you wear several hats. For instance, it’s not uncommon for a communications coordinator to also own the organization’s website and online marketing efforts—on top of several other urgent needs.

Knowing this, POSSIBLE has created a series of bi-monthly sessions that will cover best practices in the digital space. Each session will tackle a particular subject or focus, tailored around common issues or obstacles nonprofits face with their website, social media, and overall digital efforts. We’ll go over strategy, implementation, and trends to keep you ahead in a constantly changing digital landscape.

2014 Curriculum: 
February | Tracking Digital Performance
April | Video
June | Mobile: Where to Start?
August | SEO Fundamentals
October | Content Strategy 1: Auditing + Discovery
December | Content Strategy 2: Creation + Distribution

Session 2: Tracking Digital Performance: Analytics & Optimization
Thursday, February 13th • 5:30–7pm in the POSSIBLE Seattle Z-Bar

Tracking your digital campaigns' performance is a fundamental step in understanding how well they succeed. In our next LEARN with POSSIBLE session, we'll go over how to set up and use the free tracking tools that are currently available. We'll also cover advanced applications of tools and data for those of you already using them.

Other topics include:

  • How to track site, social media, and other digital campaign performance.
  • Why you should track site performance and strategic use of this valuable data.
  • Best practices of the major free tracking tools, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and YouTube Analytics.
  • Various ways to increase registers, sign-ups, donations, and other activity essential to organizational success.
  • How to quickly develop an on-going performance report to understand organizational and market trends.

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