When radio company, KEXP, reached out to the team at POSSIBLE Seattle to come up with something awesome to make for a local band in three weeks, there was only one thing to say: “Challenge accepted.”  

In collaboration with local hip hop duo, Kung Foo Grip, we conceptualized and built them a new website to match their view of the near future – a bizarre, dystopian landscape ruled by machines.  

The website we created features a creepy talking avatar reading real-time tweets that we pulled using keywords inspired by the duo’s lyricism and worldview. The site aims to confuse as much as it aims to be a home site for the band to share with their rapidly-growing fan base. 

On September 10, the small team of POSSIBLE creatives and developers on the project had the opportunity to debut the website at KEXP’s Turn it Up event, a celebration of Seattle music and creativity benefitting KEXP's new home. Creative agency folk, local musicians, and KEXP fans all came together for a big creative community gathering.
Our choice display at the event? A projection of eerie video footage overlaid onto a stack of old television sets and electronics, with the talking avatar reading tweets from one of the TVs. It made for an eye-catching display, to say the least. 

Working on disruptive, creative projects like this one is something we love to do at POSSIBLE. Aside from gaining some truly unique portfolio items, we were able to make something awesome for the band and give the Internet another weird little corner for people to stumble upon.  

Check out the final product here.

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