POSSIBLE Selected to Participate in LinkedIn’s Certified Custom Apps Partner Program

POSSIBLE Selected to Participate in LinkedIn’s Certified Custom Apps Partner Program

Global digital creative agency POSSIBLE has been selected as one of 9 companies to participate in LinkedIn’s new Certified Custom Apps Partner program. The program enables brands to expand their LinkedIn marketing strategy by connecting them with select participants that specialize in utilizing LinkedIn data and API’s (application programming interface) to create custom applications, campaigns, and integrated marketing solutions.

Already working with Dow Corning, and EMC, POSSIBLE has developed innovative programs that deliver content performance analytics, community building campaigns, and targeting strategies. These programs not only boost audience engagement but also create unique brand experiences for LinkedIn, which boasts the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 313M members in over 200 countries and territories.

"POSSIBLE designed a multi-point LinkedIn community building campaign that successfully engaged a highly-specialized audience and led to several new business development relationships," said Randall Rozin, global director of brand management, Dow Corning. "Our early success on LinkedIn is serving as an internal playbook for LinkedIn audience engagement across the company, and we are looking to integrate LinkedIn into broader relationship management programs currently in development."

The Certified Custom Apps Partner program is designed to allow POSSIBLE to integrate LinkedIn’s
API-exclusive data and authentication protocols into broader digital strategies, including brand website properties, content publishing programs, and custom web-based and mobile applications. LinkedIn's recent acquisitions of Newsle, a personal social network news aggregator, and Bizo, a B2B marketing platform, add even more depth to LinkedIn's already data-rich platform of consumer and business audiences.

"The most important differentiating aspect of LinkedIn for marketers, has been the individual user's deep profile data." said Shane Atchison, global CEO, POSSIBLE. "We can now, understand users' affinity toward different types of content. This level of professional content relevancy is unmatched when compared to other social networks.  This allows our agency to deliver highly tuned campaigns that deliver strong business results for clients."

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