POSSIBLE POV 4: Customer Experience

Our POV on CX

Welcome to the September 2017 release of POSSIBLE POV 4, wherein we continue to build our agency’s collective voice on all things digital. We’ve curated insights and global perspectives from our agency’s thought leaders for our clients, colleagues, and friends around the world.

In this fourth edition, we’ve shifted our focus to customer experience—CX—to unmask and demystify the topic, and talk about it in terms anyone can understand. To do so, we’ve tapped experts from Singapore to London and beyond, who have provided their own perspectives and demonstrated that CX is not a simple task, but a many-splendored thing. 

You may notice some changes in this issue. We’ve reduced the size, changed the paper, used different binding, and have added some unexpected, and we hope, delightful printing elements to engage more than your sense of sight. We’ve taken CX seriously, and into print. This is a new POV experience. Enjoy.

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