POSSIBLE Heads to Austin

SXSW Interactive is just around the corner and we have several of our people adding some great content to the tech fest. If you’re heading to Austin this year, be sure to add these to your schedule:

#ART140: Twitter, Picasso and the Social Experiment
David Paul Stocks, Sr. Strategic Planner, New York
Monday, March 10; 12:30pm

Art means something unique to each of us, but the invitation to participate in art has never been extended. In fact, the art world can feel like an elitist club—exclusionary and intimidating. Meanwhile, social media is transforming every pillar of culture, from shared encyclopedias to citizen journalism. ART140 extends this trend to revolutionize the experience of art. By harnessing the power of Twitter, we’re inviting people from all walks of life to express what specific works of art mean to them. We’re breaking down the wall that separates the art world from the people who appreciate art but are too intimidated to express their own interpretation. Our 1000+ global participants will enable us to understand what art means on a greater scale than ever before. How do gender, generation and geography affect our interpretation of art? Through data, we’ll highlight what the differences between us really mean, and we’ll reveal what happened through a live ART140 experiment at SXSW. Read more and add this event to your schedule here.

Location Based Marketing: Beyond Advertising
Jason Burby, President, Americas (Urban Airship Mobile Saturday Panel)
Saturday March 8; 12:30pm

Harness the power of mobile location without causing your customers to scream, "Don't adver-taze me bro!" The majority of smartphone owners broadcast their location, giving you 24/7 access to their trail. This new data creates huge opportunities for businesses to redefine how, when and where they communicate with their customers. Hear how leaders are using location data to move beyond the geofence. Read more and register here.

The StartupBus
March 2–6

Also Rishi Athanikar, Solutions Analyst from our Seattle office, will be representing POSSIBLE from the StartupBus. The StartupBus produces the most intense startup competition in the world, where top talent from all around the world compete as ‘buspreneurs’ to build the next generation of technology companies over the course of a 3-day bus ride.

StartupBus North America 2014, our 5th annual competition held in the USA, takes place from March 2nd till March 6th in 2014, with buses from 6 regions around the continent converging in Austin, Texas for an epic competition.

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