What Designers Need to Know About Responsive Design

With nearly a third of all web traffic coming from phones and tablets, it's not difficult to make the case for responsive design. In case you don't know, it's the practice of designing and building websites that respond to the size of the screen by reformatting layout, text, and images on the fly. While it’s not a panacea for all of our multi-screen design challenges, it is a powerful solution in many cases. And if you do any kind of website design – even once in a while – you need to understand responsive web design principles or clients will be heading down the street to someone who does.

POSSIBLE has been building responsive sites for years, and we’ve been out in the community teaching about mobile and responsive design for nearly as long. Last week we ran a day-long session at Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts that focused on mobile strategy, responsive design best practices, and development techniques. And in early February we did a session on responsive design at the University of Washington.

Next Session
A team of strategy/design/UX/dev will be running another workshop on May 14th at SVC. More information here. Again, this workshop is for designers who want to make sure that their website designs work well across devices.


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