Robert Downey Jr. Meets The Real Tony Stark

Avenger star delivers 3D printed limb as part of Microsoft OneNote's #CollectiveProject

Alex, a seven year old boy born with a partially developed right arm, couldn’t believe his luck when the bionic expert himself, Robert Downey Jr., turned up in Atlanta to personally deliver a bionic arm to him as part of Microsoft OneNote’s ‘Collective Project.’

Microsoft partnered with us for the latest chapter in their student campaign for the OneNote digital note taking app, that puts big-hearted projects at its core. 

The 3D printed limb is designed and created by Albert Manero and his fellow students at the University of Central Florida.  It is part of Microsoft’s dedication to investing in the passions and innovations that help undergraduates and millennials harness the true power of technology to create great things.

Josh Schmiesing, senior vice president of the Microsoft account here at POSSIBLE, says:  “It’s one thing for brands to tell stories; it’s something much more powerful when brands do stories that help people take their ideas to a new level. Microsoft wanted the #CollectiveProject to empower Albert and his hugely talented team to not only produce these amazing limbs, but give them the collaborative infrastructure and technology to send them into the world where they can truly make a difference to these disadvantaged kids.  And, who better to deliver one to Alex, than this generation’s bionic expert himself, Robert Downey Jr.”

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About Microsoft OneNote ‘Collective Project’

The #CollectiveProject is about harnessing the power of the many to bring great ideas to life.  Follow us as we shine a light on the stories of these students who are making positive changes for their communities.

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