The Shop of Possibilities

Are you looking for another job or a whole new life experience? POSSIBLE Budapest is actively seeking to hire 20 new technology personnel in one month by transforming their site's homepage into The Shop of Possibilities.

As a digital technology shop, POSSIBLE has taken a unique approach to attracting top talent to its Budapest office, by using their own website as a recruiting tool.

How? The POSSIBLE CEE homepage has been transformed into a commerce platform where a candidate's CV is the only accepted currency. Visitors to the site can choose their desired Hungarian-themed product from The Shop of Possibilities marketplace and upload their credentials as payment. Candidates are able to scroll through a shopping list of goods such as an exclusive Budapest art print (created in-house), a mug which says “Buda Fckn Pest,” Hungarian beer, and Rubik’s Cubes. Each item is chosen to relate to a POSSIBLE value: Bold, Relentless, Together, Interested.

Krisztina Parrag, delivery director, says, “Budapest is a vibrant city, but it's still hard to find and attract international talent. We wanted to find a cool way to sell our city and culture to job seekers and not just the agency. That is why we decided to create The Shop of Possibilities. It's an open invitation to people all over the world and demonstrates exactly why we want to become a more diverse and international office.”

Péter Schmiz, head of UID, added, “We changed our corporate site to emulate that of a store, in order to direct our communications towards the potential employee market, rather than sticking with the traditional client-focused layout of other agency sites.”

Take a peek inside The Shop of Possibilities.

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