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It is that time of the year when the sun is shining and the votes start compiling! SXSW Panel Picker has started and we have six great panels—discussing topics from content creation strategy across digital channels to discussing how TV interfaces could transform the future. We’d appreciate your support and votes to help get them to Austin for SXSW 2014. Please show them some love, vote and share them with your networks.

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Your Brand Is An App

Reinvent your digital brand using the tools of modern digital startups. As digital takes a larger share of the marketing spend, and especially as mobile apps become more common, digital work looks more and more like software development.

Marc Aiello

Marc Connor

ART140: Twitter, Picasso and the Social Experiment

Art means something unique to each of us, but the invitation to participate in art has never been extended. In fact, the art world can feel like an elitist club—exclusionary and intimidating. Meanwhile, social media is transforming every pillar of culture, from shared encyclopedias to citizen journalism. ART140 extends this trend to revolutionize the experience of art.

David Stocks

Film as Software

Filmmaking is in a state of rapid evolution given the ever-changing new digital realities. Distribution, production, and the form itself is undergoing an astounding level of change. What does this mean for filmmakers?

Jason Brush

Failure Marketing: Create Inspiration from Failure

Failure leads to some of life's most impactful opportunities. Yet because digital marketing offers such extreme immediacy on data and nimble campaign optimization; our tolerance for failure is simply too low.

Rich Devine

Extending the Interface Beyond the TV Screen

Check out some of the coolest new TV interfaces with this Emmy Award winning User Experience panel of speakers who are designing the next generation of TV Interfaces.

Dale Herigstad

10 Things To Know About How Men Shop Online

The last five years have seen an incredible jump in men's only online stores from Bonobos to Frank & Oak. Retailers are forgoing brick and mortar in favor of a browser based shopping experience and men are responding in kind. Designing e-commerce experiences for men however is an exercise in understanding what appeals to them from both a design and service perspective.

Claudia Newman

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