Wildfire by Google: Social Is All Grown Up

No great revelation, here: Social media has rapidly ascended the marketing totem pole over the last few years, becoming a “must,” not an “if” for every brand. In fact, 20% of consumers now say that they’re influenced to purchase by social media, compared to 12% of consumers crediting TV, in large part because, we are spending increasingly more time in front of the computer.

But what is astonishing is just how little value marketers are continuing to place on social. Part of the problem, according to Adobe, is that over-simplified last click attribution obscures the value of social media by 94%. Meaning, no one is giving social the attention, or the budgets it deserves in relation to the purchase power it has.

We have no choice but to start taking social strategies a lot more seriously with the tools to optimize our online presence as the audience, and culture dictate. With all the social channels out there, and all those yet to come, it’s more critical than ever to plan how and where we engage with customers. We must learn how users interact with brands online and adjust the strategies and creative to achieve new results as we go.

Hence, our recent partnership with Wildfire.

Wildfire represents a unique opportunity to gain ever more information on consumers, and use that data to improve our clients’ campaigns. Wildfire’s, revolutionary, end-to-end perspective on how social marketing contributes to the digital experience, allows us to target the most engaging and compelling content for a specific brand's audience. On the right platform, and with the right message, which puts our clients in a position to optimize social for true ROI. And because of the big wins POSSIBLE has seen in our social campaigns lately, like our recent work for Microsoft, IHG brands and Proctor & Gamble, Wildfire now has a partner putting this platform to work in innovative new ways.  

As I write this, I am 40,000 feet over the Atlantic, headed to Cannes for the International Advertising Awards – a celebration of the most creative work produced this year. It’s not lost on me, as I expound on the power of social, that great creative continues to have tremendous sway over consumers. But more than anything, great creative must perform and support common beliefs around the brand and continually drive business. The deeper we can get into the customers’ behaviors, the more we can understand how they interact with brands and the more we can focus our messaging to build the kind of relationships that last.

It’s a social world out there. We’re just here to make the most of it.

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