• The One Amazon Page That Most Brands Overlook

The One Amazon Page That Most Brands Overlook

With roughly half of all U.S. online consumer product purchase considerations involving an Amazon search, one would think the content and creative elements of a brand’s Amazon product detail page would be a high priority for all marketers. Yet, many brands overlook the impact Amazon product detail page creative content has on discoverability and reducing purchase friction. 

The customer experience - on Amazon’s marketplace and other ecommerce retailers such as Best Buy - is often judged using a set of consumer values, such as product offering breadth, design and usability, and of course, pricing and availability. While notable differences exist among each from platform to platform, most are relatively comparable. So, from that perspective, what are customers really “buying”?

For most, an online purchase is about convenience and ease. What is so attractive about Amazon is the ease in which product can found, discovered, and purchased from an Amazon product detail page. Simply put, the product information and customer reviews on Amazon help accelerate our purchasing decisions in the same way Google helps us find information quickly. The faster we discover, understand, and consider, the quicker we click add to cart, or head to the checkout counter.

While price is often cited as a primary purchase driver, content is central to that customer experience, and certainly among the top product consideration drivers leading to purchase.

Yet, even among the biggest brands, when comparing a product detail page on their ecommerce sites and the product detail page for the same product in the Amazon marketplace, more often than not, there are huge differences in content and presentation. Why?

The Generic Page Misconception

Most brands recognize the huge opportunity Amazon represents, but often miss key tactics to improving their online results (and the offline performance that Amazon so heavily influences). The product detail page is a great example. 

The data criteria Amazon outlines in product detail page requirements is certainly specific and restrictive, making it appear “generic” to a degree, and creatively challenging, but essential to the overarching Amazon priority of a consistent user experience. 

Amazon excels at providing users with a clear, dynamic, and logical shopping experience, on every screen size, and created a framework for products and services that has only begun to be explored by marketers. 

Smart use of creative and content design within that product detail page framework is a big, and often overlooked, opportunity to differentiate, and has a direct impact on several key brand KPI’s on Amazon’s platform, and off platform.

Amazon Impact in Relation to Brand Strategy

Why should a brand that primarily sells through their owned ecommerce sites and reseller channels (many that sell those products on Amazon) have a serious interest in Amazon product detail pages? Amazon’s one unique page per SKU approach. That means the content of that page impacts the collective discoverability of that product on and off platform, and represents that product to every customer of every Amazon reseller of that product.

Whether a brand sees Amazon as a platform of opportunity, a channel of obligatory necessity, or a distraction from their ecommerce strategy, ignoring the product detail page content responsibility is certainly a tactical (and potentially strategic) error for almost every consumer brand.

Additional Considerations

As Amazon continues to explore new ways to connect consumers and products with services like the recently announced Amazon Pantry, the role Amazon product detail pages play will only become more important to brands. 

When approaching the Amazon platform or revisiting your Amazon brand strategy, begin by thinking about “ease of use” in the context of content on the product detail page. How easy to understand, attractive, engaging, and differentiated is it? How well is the data on that page organized and optimized? How well are product detail pages leveraged with other Amazon tools, such as Amazon brand pages or storefronts?  How can you leverage Amazon product detail pages with retail showrooming?

As with almost any improvement to a customer experience, making things easy is one of the hardest things to do…but for brands that understand the impact attention-to-detail with Amazon product detail pages can have, it’s certainly worth the investment.

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