• Do You Believe in Magic?

Do You Believe in Magic?

I distinctly remember my first experience at Disney World. I remember my excitement as I prepared to experience the magic. And I remember that while I loved many things about my vacation, I also grew frustrated with the long lines, the complex logistics, and the ultimate feeling that I spent more time trying to get to fun than actually having fun. I was just another mouseketeer wondering where the magic went. But now, for the first time in a long time, I think I might be willing to chase that magic again.

Don’t worry, I know the crowds are still there — and that it’s not really Snow White I’m talking to. But there is something new and exciting to draw me in: Disney’s recently unveiled MyMagic+ technology. It’s an app. It’s a website. It’s a wearable band that helps me personalize my parks experience. In short, it’s a whole groundbreaking system that learns my preferences to build the perfect Disney adventure.

They say that CRM is no longer about communication— it’s about service. And this is a perfect example of using technology to provide a service that enhances my experience and makes me love a brand even more. Use MyMagic+ to register for my Disney FastPass? Done. Pay for my gargantuan turkey leg? Done. Track that photo that was taken as I cried like a baby on Space Mountain? Well…done, but that’s none of your business.

So is there a catch? You just have to overlook the fact that your every move will be tracked and stored in a database. If you participate in the MyMagic+ program, Disney will know what rides you ride, how frequently you pop down to the hotel bar, and possibly even which child you like more. But the beauty of this system is that I will initially download some quick information —and then I never have to think of it again. Not for this stay, not for future stays. MyMagic+ will simply track my behaviors and learn from my habits to improve my experience. Sounds like a beautiful relationship.…I wish my husband was that smart.

I know it’s easier in an environment like Disney to create a service mentality, to exchange meaningful value in return for meaningful data and use that data to improve the experience and relationship. But brands now have the technological opportunities to follow this same principle to improve their own experiences and relationships. By committing to the right long term strategies, the agile content plans, and the ongoing measurement and optimization methodologies, brands can transform their experiences from transactional to magical.

My hope for 2013 is not just to go to Disney World and experience the magic — but to see our clients commit to their own magic to form spellbinding relationships and experiences.

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