• Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

I am not a huge fan of predictions, as they either end up being way out there or so obvious that they aren’t worth discussing. But if I had to pick some trends over the coming year that will most impact the way our clients do business, they would include:

  1. Greater digital personalization. We’ll see more brands move away from one size fits all marketing to creating many digital experiences for customers.

  2. Better integration of online and offline data for a single view of customers – We’ll see marketers sharing what they know about people online and offline to create more tailored experiences.

  3. Marketers better responding to a fast-growing mobile audience – Mobile is still too often a second thought even though the data shows that 50% of consumers are accessing branded content from mobile. As of now, budgets and focus still aren’t aligned in terms of the dollars or resources being devoted to mobile. This includes earned content, social content, owned content, and even things like Amazon.

  4. LinkedIn – Everyone is talking about Facebook, Twitter and YouTube—all of which are great opportunities for marketers. However, too many brands are missing the opportunity to leverage and target through LinkedIn. There are some amazing opportunities on that platform thanks to the depth and accuracy of the profiles. Earlier in the year, we created a LinkedIn practice to specifically help our clients take advantage of it, and we are continuing to see very promising results on this platform, while most brands seem to be ignoring it.

If you’d like to learn more about each of these trends and what it could mean for your brand, get in touch with Jason.

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