• Optimism


My work at POSSIBLE is driven by optimism. More than anything else, the way we generate, develop, and exchange ideas is driven by optimism. Optimism that every challenge will spur a new solution. Optimism that turns into an addictive euphoria when those solutions work. An optimism that is more justified than ever before.

I’m no longer in advertising.  Today I make things that connect customers and brands around ideas that provide value.  There’s a difference.  And in reality, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.  Seriously.  I’m part of POSSIBLE because like those I collaborate with here, I share a massive optimism for the future of this business.  And this optimism is born out of they way we generate, develop and exchange ideas.  I’ve found that there’s a somewhat addictive euphoria to good ideas.  And getting to good ideas is all I’ve ever wanted to do.

Today’s brands are opening their API’s to anyone who’s interested. New products and services are being conceived and funded by the crowd. Devices from phones and tablets to fitness bands and apps are connecting people and their data like never before. Social media is creating new businesses and relegating others to history.  Put simply, it’s hard to imagine a more exciting time to be doing what we do. 

Exciting as they are, however, these new pathways to connection can be equal parts blessing and curse.  A blessing because there are new platforms to connect with customers being built every second, and a curse for the exact same reason. Finding the right platform today is overwhelming. It takes a team of thinkers to get right.

And this is important, because I believe the platform is a vital part of the creative idea.  But that platform needs to be specific to the customer and their cultural, product and business insights. Finding that fit is a delicate thing, and requires multiple areas of expertise. When we get it right, the experience is transformative for both customer and brand. When we get it wrong, it’s just noise—more needless clutter in the world.

My point is that getting it right wouldn’t be doable without a healthy dose of optimism. Optimism breeds fearlessness, and the confidence that we’ll emerge on the other side of the messy details with the perfect platform for each client to reach their customers. Optimism means that POSSIBLE is always moving toward the agency we mean it to be.

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