• The New SEO: Getting Active

The New SEO: Getting Active

You might not realize it, but chances are that if you’re working at a digital agency, you’re somehow involved in optimizing content for search. From ideation and creative concepting to development and promotion, almost every phase of you a site’s rank for particular search terms.  And as search has evolved and expanded, so has the necessary approach to SEO.

It’s no longer good enough to simply optimize and re-optimize the content you already have (what we call Passive SEO or Compliance-Based SEO) – you must create new, fresh, original content if you want to compete. Of course, this takes coordination between many disciplines and groups. We call this Active SEO, and it has rapidly become the smartest way to improve your rank for new terms while catching the attention of visitors that are new to your brand or website.

So, if you’re burnt out and no longer seeing results from Passive SEO tasks (do you really need to update the title tags again?), how do you get into the Active SEO game? Here are some starter tips:

  • Identify topics that are indirectly related to your product/offering. For example: If you’re a hotelier, think about nearby attractions, events or conferences. If you sell windows, think about remodeling costs. What you’re trying to identify are content gaps between the content you already have on your site and the content people are looking for that is related to your product/offering.
  • Do a little keyword research to identify how people are searching for your topic.
  • Develop content to support it, and optimize that content for search.

It’s not rocket science, and if you can come up with a couple of really great ideas, there are a multitude of benefits – increased inbound links to your content, improved rankings and search visibility, more new visitors and ultimately, better performance from search.

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