• Touchscreen For All

Touchscreen For All

Recently, there have been two major developments in touchscreen technology. One of these, intended for heavy users, adds more functions to differentiate types of touch—for instance, between, a touch with the fingertips and a touch with the nails. Check here for mote details: http://www.qeexo.com/

The second, developed by Tactus, promises to rescue the tactile experience through a technology that inflates on-screen buttons almost like magic. For users like my 83 year-old father, this is an exciting development indeed.

My father recently purchased an iPhone after discovering that, in addition to making calls, the device lets you listen to international radio stations. But the lack of a tactile response made it difficult for him to recognize when the phone received his command, so he refuses to abandon his old mobile keypad for a touchscreen..

Besides winning consumers who have stayed resistant to touchscreen technology, Tactus is starting a revolution that could include affect a vast array of consumers totally excluded so far. According to estimates of the World Health Organization, there are 45 million blind people in the world. For them, the touchscreen is currently a blank sheet. The innovation from Tactus could integrate Braille into the display, enabling blind people to enjoy numerous features that are unavailable to them today.

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