• Universal Content

Universal Content

When done right, digital content possesses an inherent magnetism that attracts visitors, customers, and engagement on its own merit—even without the heavy expense of paid media. And typically, search engines and social media are the catalysts for activating attractive content. But the act of just building a site— or creating a campaign, or producing a video —is not enough by itself. Today’s reality dictates that we help clients plan their content strategically and make sure creative content produces strong business results.

Consumers discover and engage with a brand beyond its website, and so we help our clients consider “universal content” across a diverse set of discovery platforms. Search engines, social networks, blogs, video, and others forums are of increasing importance. Likewise, search engines are hungry for this “universal content” —and in many cases, they are more likely to offer higher rank to clients who embrace its diversity.

In short, any digital exercise that involves content creation must consider the value of universal content, and must be viewed through the lens of performance. At Possible we help our clients achieve content marketing performance by helping them ask the right planning questions.

Questions like:

Which universal content assets are most likely to perform? Website, video, blog, social, Pinterest, news releases? All should be considered. Different scenarios will require different solutions to maximize rank visibility, engagement, and performance.

Is this content visible to search engines and social discovery platforms? This involves technical rigor and expertise, SEO planning and execution, and social media planning.

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