• UX Basics: Remember Your Grandmother

UX Basics: Remember Your Grandmother

UX design has always intrigued me. I often find myself deleting an app I’ve just downloaded, or simply hating some programs and not using them because the interface was a disaster and the overall experience was difficult. It’s easy to tell a bad UX, and in retrospect, it’s easy to judge.

But sometimes you’ll find yourself in a pickle when designing a UX that flows without hiccups for the user. So I’ve gathered a couple of links that might jumpstart your thinking or remind you of key principles. These articles don’t capture the ultimate truth about UX, but they will serve as useful inspiration and guidelines for designing apps, websites, or whatever else your project calls for:

Eight principles of great user interface:

Minimizing Complexity:

You could browse the web forever and find smart articles about user experience and interface, and these form a nice quick foundation. But the bottom line, I think, is simplicity: if you can make something that your grandmother could use without a problem, you’ve done well by any UX standard and deserve some of her delicious cookies.

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