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adidas Tango

POSSIBLE Budapest launched a new mobile application in collaboration with adidas.

Designed and developed from scratch by POSSIBLE Hungary over the course of ten months, the adidas Tango App is the virtual home of the Tango League, the popular urban football competition promoted by the sportswear brand. 

The aim of the Tango app is to call on football creators to see if they can flip the script and master their skills to influence the way things are done on the field. Offering numerous events and virtual challenges to its users, the app is a platform that will bring the football community together and allow players to display their creativity on and off the pitch. 

“The Tango League has been a hugely successful way of bringing together football creators from all over the word. Now with the new adidas Tango App, it’s never been easier for them to express their creativity and be part of our Tango community,” said Florian Alt, VP of brand communication at adidas.

Available on iOS and Android devices in the US, UK, Germany, France and Spain, the new app gives football creators the tools they need to show off their technique and shine on a global stage. 

If you’re curious about the agency’s work or if you’re just another football enthusiast, you can download the app for iOS and Android

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